About SMS Healthcare

At SMS Healthcare, our focus is on achieving operational efficiencies, streamlining the delivery of healthcare to support connected patient care.

Healthcare is not an easy service to interact with as a consumer, similarly nor it is an easy service to deliver as a provider. 

At SMS Healthcare, our focus is on facilitating vertical integration, meaning that consumers and providers of healthcare are assured that their healthcare journey is streamlined. This is achieved through disruption of the traditional model of healthcare, adopting innovative uses of technology, multidisciplinary teams, working with short-stay hospitals and integrating healthcare providers and delivering programs of value that meet the needs of Australians.
SMS Healthcare is driven to deliver the highest level of patient care
Highest quality of care
Leading allied health practitioners & specialists
Exemplary facilities
National footprint

Meet our Team​

SMS Healthcare was founded in 2017 by some of Australia’s most experienced healthcare professionals.

As managing director, Carl Adams has brought together a leadership team of dedicated and experienced healthcare executives who are pushing boundaries and setting new expectations in the delivery of healthcare.

Our Vision & Values

At SMS Healthcare, our vision is to deliver healthcare that meets the needs of patients, improving their health status and disease state. This is through;


The delivery of quality healthcare services through patient centred care. Teamwork, communication and empowerment at the core of all that we do.


Working with healthcare providers and health insurance providers to create patient programs that make private healthcare more accessible to Australian consumers


Streamlining the healthcare journey by bringing together the layers of the vertical healthcare model.


Using creativity and collaboration to push the barriers of healthcare delivery, creating unique service experiences and strong value propositions for healthcare stakeholders.

In achieving our vision, the leadership team and staff are guided by our values;

Excellence Innovation Collaboration Integration

SMS Healthcare Board of Directors

At SMS Healthcare, we are committed to developing and enhancing the delivery of healthcare. To support and guide this, our medical advisory board are a team of respected and experienced healthcare professionals.

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